What is The Best Carpet Cleaning Technique?

Carpets are serious investment for you that requires regular and adequate care. In order to ensure a longer lifespan of your textile floor covering, you will have to be aware of the safe and most effective cleaning methods according to its needs.

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Carpet Shampoo

Carpet shampooing is the tried, tested, economical and the most common method of carpet cleaning. In this particular method, the carpet shampoo or a cleaning solution is applied on the carpet so that it forms foam. The ingredients responsible for forming foam, attracts the dirt on the carpet. The solution is left to dry and once it has dried, the solution becomes brittle and starts to separate from the fibres of the carpet. The remains are then collected by using a vacuum cleaner. Several varieties of carpet shampoo products are available in the market. However, if the shampoo you are using is very strong, might cause damage to the carpet, discolouring it, making the previous minute wearing and tearing more visible. You will need to use the best quality and the right amount of shampoo on your carpet.

Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction

Carpet steam cleaning is also known as the hot water extraction method, is another popular carpet cleaning methods due to its high level of effectiveness. Steam cleaning does use any types of steam, rather it uses water that has been heated to its maximum temperatures, usually between 150 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The hot water with such high temperatures along with pressure is sprayed over the carpet. This helps the dirt of the fibres of the carpet to loosen out. Then the dirt is forced to come out of the carpeting, is sucked with the help of the vacuum cleaner and stored in a holding tank. The water that is sprayed is usually mixed with a cleaning solution or detergent for effective cleaning.

The process is considered as one of the best carpet deep cleaning methods. Moreover, the hot water helps in cleaning the bacteria, dust mites, fungus and removal of other allergens from the carpet. Hence, the carpet becomes anti-allergic after being  cleaned through the process. It is always better to consult with a professional carpet cleaner whenever you are opting for this service as they are well aware of the fabrics and temperature of water required for every fabric. Truck-mounted hot water extraction is the unit that is used  by most of the professionals.

Dry Powder

This process does not require eater and hence, it is called dry powder cleaning or simply dry carpet cleaning. The dry powder is made from an absorbent material made from detergent, solvent and very little amount of water. This powder is then sprinkled and thoroughly spread on the carpet with the help of rotating machines. The powder is then allowed to sit for about 15 minutes. Now, with the help of a vacuum cleaner, the powder and the dirt accumulated is removed. Carpet dry cleaners consider the method as the best carpet cleaning method as it does not wet the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning With Foam

Carpet cleaning with foam is considered along with carpet steam cleaning. With the help of  a rotating brush, the carpet shampoo is spread over the carpet and foam is made to form. The foam is then left to dry for at least an hour. With the help of a vacuum cleaner, the dirt that has been trapped by the foam is removed. All the shampoo might not be removed with a vacuum cleaner and is often followed by a steam cleaning. Foam cleaning is an easy method of carpet cleaning and hence most of the owners do not opt for professional help.

Detergent With White Vinegar

Mix equal parts of white vinegar and liquid detergent with lukewarm water. Apply this mixture on the carpet and then scrub it with the help of a brush. Use a soft bristled brush for the purpose, else, you might damage the carpet. Rinse it with warm water. This will help in carpet stain removal.

Lemon, Vinegar and Borax

Make a thick paste by mixing equal parts of borax, vinegar and a few drops of lemon juice to it. Apply the paste on the carpet stains. After this, vacuum the carpet or wash it thoroughly using a detergent.

Carpet Cleaning With Solvents

This method of carpet cleaning is used mostly for expensive carpet fabrics. You will note be able to find special products for the purpose of dry solvent cleaning in your general stores or corner markets and are also very expensive. The detergents clean really well and are gentle enough, so that they do not damage the material of the treated area.

Clean the surface of the carpet from any accumulated dirt, dust and debris with the help of a carpet cleaner. Then the fibres of the rug are injected with the solvent. Finally, the entire dirt is removed along with the detergent.

Carpet Stain and Odour Removal

The Best Technique

Nowadays, the most effective method of carpet cleaning is the steam cleaning or hot water extraction as it helps in elimination of 99 percent of bacteria and dirt found in the rugs and carpets. The hot water extraction penetrates the lower layer of the floor covering and removes all the dirt and debris from the fibres, which makes it the best carpet cleaning method. Another benefit for this method of carpet cleaning is that it is effective in carpet stain removal and carpet odour removal. Compared to dry cleaning, hot water extraction is less time consuming and pocket friendly. Whatever cleaning methods are applied, the professional carpet cleaning experts recommend carpet deep cleaning at least once a year.

To Get The Services On Call

As you have noted, carpets are quite capricious in terms of cleaning, especially if you have chosen the wrong type of treatment or you have tried to clean it itself. You can free yourself from the hassle and hard work of carpet cleaning by hiring professional Carpet Cleaning Canberra for every type of floor covering. No matter whatever the material your carpet might be made up of, we at Clean Sleep have all the necessary cleaners and equipment to make your carpet as bright as the new one