Top 7 Dirty Secrets Your Carpet is Hiding

A Great carpet is multipurpose means it can be used in many different ways; only covering the floor is not the job of carpet. A good carpet can be used as a bed for pets, a soft playground for kids as it provides a comfort zone. Professional cleaning adds more good points in the carpet. A good carpet is comfy, durable and affordable. Carpets are very useful and helpful but they hide a bundle of secrets with themselves.

Carpets absorb almost every kind of dirt, bacteria and debris from the environment. So, this is our responsibility to make sure that our carpet is aseptic and safe for you. That’s why you should hire professionals for carpet cleaning. 

Dirty Carpet Cleaning Service
Dirty Carpet Cleaning Service

Given Below are Very Secrets Mentions Which Usually Carpet Hide With Homeowners’ Such As:

  1. Mold:

    Molds are one of the most common secrets found on the carpet. Moisture, low temperatures are favourable conditions for molds to grow and they can rapidly grow and cover almost any area of the carpet. They can give birth too many health related issues. Fungi are very harmful for the indoor environment and can cause many allergies.
  • Solution:

    Always make sure that your carpet is perfectly dry and still if molds are present in that case use disinfectant solutions which are rich in enzymes. Hire professionals for cleaning the molds as they have all equipment which are helpful in removing the molds.
  1. Bacteria:

    According to the study of the Medical Center at NYU Langone it was declared that carpet contains at least 200,000 bacteria per square inch in the carpet. Generally, E.coli, staph and salmonella are basic types of bacteria which are found in the carpet. Even regular cleaning cannot remove it and if you use harsh chemicals, it will destroy the fabric of the carpet.
  • Solution:

    White vinegar and baking soda together make a homemade recipe which is effective in mopping up the bacteria but if nothing works out in that case you have to visit the professionals as soon as possible.
  1. Skin Cells:

    Surprised! How can someone lose his skin cells but this is true human beings lose their skin cells which are dead. Usually, we spend a lot of time on the carpet, so they stick over there. They are not harmful but it fades the color of carpet.
  • Solution: 

    Regular cleaning can help in get rid of these dead cells but your routine cleaning must include vacuuming.
  1. Bugs:

     A Report tells that tiny insects like dust mites can survive in the carpet for a long time and can ruin its yarn. Most of the insects can die also in the carpet and make your carpet fuzzy, nasty aroma.
  • Solution:

    Solution is very simple. Just make a daily routine to clean your carpet with all disinfecting solutions.
  1. Pollen and Other Allergens:

    When weather changes, a bundle of pollen grains falls from the trees and spreads all over the area, much pollen can enter in your house and stick with the carpet. Pollen grains can give rise to many allergies and even not only pollen can stick on the carpet even many allergens such as: pet dander, mold, spores and dust spin around the carpet.
  • Solution:

    Make sure that your all windows are covered with the curtains, during hot summer vacuum it only once a week but if you find more dirt you can vacuum it regularly
  1. Dirt:

    Small tiny particles are present on carpet very easily and it makes your foot dirty as well as makes your carpet dusty.
  • Solution:

    Before entering the area having carpet make sure that your feet are clean and regular cleaning can make your carpet beautiful and durable always.
  1. Pet’s Feces:

    Untrained pets can create problems for your carpet, so it is mandatory to train your pet. Pets can pee anywhere and are left with dirty stains and nasty smells which ruin the whole environment of the house.
  • Solution:

    Firstly, train your pet carefully and apply stain resistant carpet on the floor. Hire professionals for carpet cleaning in Hobart.
Clean Your Dirty Carpet Service
Clean Your Dirty Carpet Service

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Carpets are very useful for us but the only risk is how to maintain it properly. Regular cleaning is good but sometimes homely cleaning is not sufficient in that case you should hire a professional for cleaning. If you are looking for professional cleaners, give us a call at 0482078746.

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