See How Carpets Can Cause Health Problems If Not Cleaned Properly?

Germs are microorganisms, so, it is very hard for us to see them with our eyes, and not cleaning them can be a reason for major health problems for you or your family members. So, in this article, we will get to know how carpets can cause health problems if not cleaned properly.

Professional For Carpet Cleaning

Many germs keep lurking all around on your carpet and you don’t get any idea about that which is very common. Common germs which keep lurking around are allergens, fungus, dust mites, or molds. These germs and bacteria can create a worse situation for you if not cleaned properly.

There is a survey that has been done in which it has been found that a normal carpet carries around 18 kilograms of dirt per year which is too much to make you or your family members fall ill. So, what to do? For maintaining or cleaning your carpets you should hire a professional to do carpet cleaning which is the best option to keep the carpets germ-free.


Commonly, you see your carpet looking very clean and beautiful. But, don’t get fooled, many allergens are roaming around on your carpets which your untrained eyes are unable to see. If the dander, bacteria, or other irritants get accumulated on your carpet properly, they can cause serious or dangerous health problems.

Common health issues which can cause due to allergens are:

  • Nasal Congestion
  • Excessive Sneezing
  • Wheezing or Tight chest
  • Watery, Red, or Itchy Eyes
  • Skin Irritation or Skin Rashes

Your carpets have the best environment for allergens to build their homes, as they have so many fibres, sensitive to dust or allergens. With time your carpets can build up allergens which can be carried up in our clothes too from outdoors. If you are thinking that you will get rid of it by doing regular vacuuming, then, there comes a big no, you can’t. If you do regular vacuuming for carpet cleaning, then it is good. But, a vacuum can’t clean the fibres of your carpet thoroughly, so, it’s better to hire a professional carpet cleaning.

Dust Mites

Many people are allergic to dust mites, so, it becomes very necessary for them to get rid of them. Either they have to suffer a lot, or even those people who don’t have any allergic problems can still get affected by dust mites. So, it is better that you take precautions and get your carpet cleaned by professionals.


Homes which have carpets are very likely to get affected by fungus. Generally, fungal spores come inside your home from outside with the help of wind and lay on your carpet. Letting the fungus stay on the carpet for long can lead to the formation of harmful germs or bacteria. Before it happens, do hire a professional for carpet cleaning.


Moulds are nasty bacteria that are hard to get rid of. Their formation leads to the occurrence of bad smells from the carpet. Mould also can make you fall ill. So, please hire a professional now for carpet cleaning.


Vacuuming is necessary, but it is not enough for your carpet. And, also you should not take any chances with the health of your or your family members. Hire a skilled carpet cleaners team in Perth and they will help you to clean your carpet thoroughly and eliminate all the germs and bacteria.