8 Home Remedies To Make Your Place Rodent-free

Rodents are usually found in winters. They hate the cold and this is the reason why they search for a warmer place to live. Homeowners should be very careful because these rodents easily make their way to the homes and destroy every possible thing. Rats and mice are very irritating and make a lot of noise.


Moreover, rodent infestation leads to a lot of diseases such as hantavirus, tularemia, choriomeningitis, and salmonella.  It is very important to do professional pest control for the good health of your beloved ones. Trapping these rodents is the most difficult task. But there are various simple home remedies through which they can be controlled and prisoned.

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Simple Remedies For Rodent Control

Humane Traps

These types of traps are available in the market. If a sign of mice or rats is found in your place then place it wherever they are mostly seen. Make sure to keep some food inside the traps so that the rodents automatically get attracted to it. Once they are trapped you can go drop them away from your home. This is one of the best methods to control rats present in your place.

Peppermint Oil

Humans love peppermint smell but rats hate it and the smell of peppermint directly affects the lungs of rodents and eventually they die. All you have to do is take small cotton balls and then dip it into the peppermint oil and place it in front of rats’ holes. Keep changing the cotton balls once you feel they have lost the smell of peppermint. Other than the oil you can even use leaves or toothpaste which contain peppermint for mice control and rat control.

Fresh Onions

Fresh onions are another remedy that can be used to make these rats run out of your place. Rats and mice cannot digest the smell of fresh onions and they try to run away from it. Take a fresh onion and put it in the places where these rats make entry into your home.  Ensure that your pets are away from onions as it is not good for their health. This remedy works a lot and is the simplest way to control the rodent infestation.

Black Pepper

This remedy is available in almost every home. Black pepper can result in the best manner to kill the rats. The smell of black pepper is another smell that destroys the lungs of the rats. As we all know pepper carries a strong smell even the humans also have a bad reaction if the quantity increases.

So it can work as a wonderful treatment for rodents. Sprinkle the black pepper over the rats and mice prone areas and the outcome which will you will receive will be unbelievable. Many homeowners use this home remedy and make their place rodent-free.


Bayleaf is also considered as one of the effective home remedies to treat the rats. These leaves have a sweet smell that attracts the rats and then they end up feeding themselves. Eventually, they get a choke and they die. You can take a few bay leaves and place them right in front of the holes of rats and mice.


Garlic is easily available in all the food stores. They are very cheap and can be used to control rodents. You can take garlic and chop it. After chopping it, mix it with water and then apply it all over your home. The smell of garlic will drive the rats mad and they will try to run outside. Rodents cannot tolerate the smell of garlic. So if you are irritated with rats and want to make your home a safe place to live then use this easy and simple homely method.


You may be wondering how potatoes help in exterminating rodents? But the fact is potato powder is the best repellent for rats and mice who are becoming a headache to you. Sprinkle the potato powder in your home and wait for the rats to come and eat it. Once the powder is inside their stomach, the intestine of rodents swells up because of it and gradually they die.

Use Cloves

There are various homely methods for rat control one among them is cloves. You can wrap the cloves in muslin clothes and then keep it near the holes. This method takes less effort and within no time all the rats and mice will say goodbye to your homes.

Rodent Control Service
Rodent Control Service

Call The Professionals

If home remedies are not working and you notice an increase of rodents infestation then call the professionals of Clean Sleep. We provide the quality and effective services of Pest Control Hobart.  We have an expert team who have adequate knowledge about different types of rodents and use a very safe method to control them. We ensure that with our service, your place will be completely rodent-free. So what are you waiting for? Hire us today to experience quality rodent control service.

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