How Dirty Upholstery Can Harm Your Health

Upholstery has great importance in upscale markets for home and office décor. It is an essential and integral part of the home. No wonder its wide variety of fabrics and designs add pomp to ambiance and comfort in living. Due to material used in upholstery, it demands extra care than your regular wooden furniture. Regular maintenance is highly recommended for hygiene and to avoid any kind of damage and harm to furniture as well as to yourself. It’s suggested that you follow routine upholstery cleaning from time to time or seek professional services of Upholstery Cleaning Canberra.

Upholstery Cleaning Service
Upholstery Cleaning Service

Why It Is Important To Clean Upholstery?

Regular wiping and vacuuming will extract most of the dirt and dust settled on upholstery. Negligence of such simple cleaning can result in the accumulation of layers of dirt and grime on sofas, carpets, and curtains which not only would be extremely grueling to remove at a later stage but also will contaminate indoor air by the time you will realize its effect.

Moisture and humidity contained in the upholstery fabric are due to spills and the weather would tarnish the appearance of furniture. This will give birth to bacteria, germs, and allergens. Moisture held by wooden structures and edges of furniture is most likely to experience termite activities.

Effects Of Unhygienic Upholstery On Health

Skin allergies:  Hidden pollen, allergens present in upholstery cause skin allergies, eczema, itching, and persistent coughing and sneezing. Direct contact with these bacteria would make you fall sick and reduce your immunity over time.

Congestion: Being constantly present in contaminated indoor air can cause you to catch various breathing problems like asthma, congestion, and other ailments. Your body will slowly lose its strength to combat unseen dirt mites and other bacteria present in the air.

Low intelligence:  Living in an unhealthy environment will help you and your kids back from being focused and use your mind to its full potential as you will always feel lethargic and irritated. Unhygienic upholstery will evidently reduce your intelligence and potential to focus on work and task at hand.

Ways To Clean And Keep The Upholstery Hygienic 

Daily dusting and routine vacuuming will keep your upholstered furniture clean and fresh. For severe conditions as fungus and mold development in seats and covers of sofa resultant to water retention and moisture, it’s recommended to seek professional assistance for purpose of mold removal and fungus ejection. Professional upholstery cleaners can deliver the best upholstery mold removal service for you in no time.

Professional Assistance

Our company provides feasible and economical assistance in an hour of need. Clean Sleep uses machines that are capable of removing dirt, mold, and fungus easily from sofas, chairs, and couches. We use safe chemical and antifungal substances to provide you optimal hygiene. Our team of skilled laborers will give you the best service and safe treatment for your furniture without causing damage.