How To Remove Urine Odour And Stains From The Mattress?

If there are kids in the house, you must have cleaned the bedsheet in order to get rid of urine stains and smell. most, people use commercial odour removal sprays, but because they just only remove the smell, they’re not considered a good solution. Odour removal sprays don’t clean the stain, thus the sprays are the most ineffective and useless solution for mattress urine odour and stain removal.
However, there are some effective methods to remove urine stains and odours; each method is different from each other. The methods are effective on both pet urine and kids urine, follow the steps carefully.

In case the urine is soaked-in deeply and dried, you can’t do much, you need to get commercial cleaner from the local store and use it. However, if the surface of the stain is still wet, blot the surface first. Use water to rinse the area before using any cleaning solution. Removing urine stains from mattress is easy by following the below methods.

Remove Urine Stains from the Matrress

Either Borax or Baking Soda.

Borax is known for its toxic property, because of high toxicity it is best for removing bacterias. Because it’s toxic, you need to keep the borax out of reach from kids and pets, as the direct ingestion or inhalation is deadly. You can get borax from local laundry aisle.

Baking soda is an ingredient used for cooking, but it has multiple uses, mattress urine odour and stain removal is one of them. You can get baking soda in any local store.

  • Borax and baking soda are powder, so the cleaning process would be the same.
  • Damp the area affected by the stain or odour.
  • Shower baking soda or borax.
  • Use a cloth to rub the surface thoroughly. Let the powder sit overnight.
  • When the powder gets dry, use a brush and remove the powder. Vacuum the surface thoroughly using an upholstery brush attachment.

Professional Mattress Cleaning

Vinegar Or Hydrogen Peroxide.

Just as borax hydrogen peroxide is toxic in nature, thus precaution is necessary to avoid any mishap. But hydrogen peroxide can be a good cleaning solution, use hydrogen peroxide and water.
On the other hand, vinegar is not toxic in nature, because of some acidic regulators it produces a foul smell which can be a problem for some people. If the smell doesn’t annoy you, you can use vinegar as a disinfectant.

Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar both are liquid, so the process would be the same for both.
Use a spray can in order to apply the combination of vinegar and water on the mattress.
Spray the solution directly on the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes.
After sometime dry the excess wetness, by using a paper towel or a microfibre cloth. Allow it to dry, turn on the fan.

Washing Soap and detergent solution

Make a solution of detergent and pour it on the mattress portion where is urine. Apply the washing soap and clean that part of the mattress with freshwater. For cleaning solution odour removal, you can deodorise the mattress. You will find your mattress free of odour as well as stains. Call professionals for better and quick removal of the odour and stains.

Mattress Urine Odour and Stain Removal

Call Professional

Try any of the above methods for mattress urine and stain removal. You can also seek assistance from professional mattress cleaner, Clean Sleep is one of the best professional mattress cleaners. We use effective cleaning agents and equipment for all types of mattress urine odour and stain removal, pet urine removal and so on. We make the mattress new like and free from bacterias. Visit our websites to get a free estimate of mattress cleaning, you can also make the bookings.