How To Remove Pet Hair From Upholstery?

Having pets at your residence and playing with them makes you happy, but you should also be ready to face another reality of having pets. It is very difficult to remove dander and pet hair from upholstery. No one likes dander and pet hair stuck to the upholstery. It is quite difficult and frustrating to remove pet hair but vacuuming is considered to be the best method for upholstery cleaning.

how to remove pet hair from upholstery
how to remove pet hair from upholstery

Best Methods To Remove Pet Hair From Upholstery

Removing Pet Hair

Start with thorough vacuuming pet hair from your upholstery and then fill half a bucket with warm water. Wear a rubber glove and plunge your palm in water, now press the upholstery surface gently with the hand. Pet hair from the upholstery will get fused to your rubber glove, repeat the same process several times and you will notice that the surface is free from pet hair.

Remove Pet Hair Using A Sponge

Using a sponge to remove pet hair from upholstery is to be considered the easiest method of all the upholstery cleaning methods. Use a clean and dry sponge to run slowly on the upholstery and pet hair will automatically get stuck to the sponge.

Preparing A DIY Lint Roller

For the elimination of pet hair from upholstery, this method is the most convenient method of all. The replacement sheet of the lint roller is expensive and not easily affordable. Instead of using those sheets, you can wrap packaging tape around the circle by keeping the sticky side outside. With the help of friction, you will be able to gather a lot of pet hair from your upholstery.

Vacuum Cleaner To Pick Up the Pet Hair

Vacuum cleaner plays a great role in eliminating pet hair from your upholstery, but still, it cannot provide you the satisfactory results.  The vacuum cleaner is not able to suck all the pet hairs as they are fused to the upholstery and vacuuming is not enough to remove them. To get the job done perfectly you can use a liquid fabric softener.

How Can We Help You?

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