How to Remove Mould From Curtains?

Mould not only ruin your curtain but it also ruins your health. Mould can happen on the curtain and there’s no way for prevention. When the curtains came in contact with sunlight, it creates a humid atmosphere, which is an ideal habitat for mould. Moulds are allergens and cause various allergies in sensitive people.

The mould in your curtains and blinds happens because of humidity when the curtains soak up the moisture, the mould which is actually a type of fungus come from air and start metastasizing in a specific area and develop the small patch of mildew on the curtain.

When it comes to removing mould from curtains, it becomes very challenging. In the case of curtain mould removal, the fabric does not easily clean up and become free from moulds. In this blog, you’ll read about how you can do curtain deep cleaning for both blinds and curtain.

Curtain Cleaning.

To start the curtain cleaning, you need to first vacuum the curtain. So that all the dust and debris is removed and it won’t interfere while you’re doing curtain sanitization. Remember, when you’re vacuuming the curtain, make sure you discard the vacuum bag because it will be contaminated by moulds and can infect other fabric as well.

Curtain Cleaning Services

Now clean the curtains in washing machine washing sometimes is not effective in removing moulds. Thus, one needs to be persistent while removing moulds from the curtain. Read the curtain label carefully before machine wash, you can use extra detergent in order to remove moulds effectively.

If your curtains are only valid for dry cleaning, then it’s better to seek help from professional curtain cleaning. They can easily treat the mould infested curtain using the right approach. Avoid bleaching the curtains, most of the time bleaching damage the curtains and make the curtains fabric weak.

You can also buy a commercial anti-mould cleaner, buy it from a local store and use it on the curtain. These products can successfully remove the mould and completely do the carpet sanitization.

Blind Cleaning.

Blinds are rich in fabric, thus mould easily grow on them. Similarly, like curtains blinds mould removal is more difficult. Blinds are commonly used to cover windows, thus moulds can easily make their way to the blind and start infesting on the blind fabric.

Blind Cleaning Service

An easy an effective way to remove the mould from blinds is to clean it with detergent thoroughly. If the moulds still not gone, you can use chlorine bleach (If it’s safe on the fabric) or you can use lemon, moulds are a type of bacteria an acidic solution can kill them. After doing this spread some salt and leave the blinds in sunlight for few hours before cleaning it properly.

Seek Professionals Help.

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