How To Remove Ballpoint Ink From Carpet

There are many homeowners who are always very careful with their carpet but no matter how much ever you save it, it gets stained by some or the other way. When we talk about the carpet getting stained by ballpoint ink, then undoubtedly it is one of the difficult marks to remove. The ballpoint ink stains slowly get into the fabric and damage it and soon you would require to replace it with a new one so it is very essential to remove the stains as soon as you notice them.  

These stains also spread some serious allergens to you and your family members and it is also dangerous for your pet. The experts always advise using safe solutions to treat any type of stains present on the carpet. So below is the best and effective method for your Carpet Ballpoint Ink Stain Removal.

Carpet Stain Removal

Best Method For Ballpoint Ink Removal From The Carpet

  • Step 1: The first and foremost thing you have to do is to remove stain from the carpet. You can take a sponge or cloth and blot the ink as much as you can. Make sure you are not rubbing the stains as it may get spread to other areas as well, all you have to do is gently dab and remove.
  • Step 2:  Take some detergent and mix it in the water in a spray bottle and later sprinkle the detergent on the stains directly. Take a fresh white cloth again and try to remove the stains using the proper methods. Ensure that you are not scrubbing and just dabbing on it to eliminate the stains.
  • Step 3:  Once you are done with applying the detergent, now its time to use some ammonia. You can take 15 grams of ammonia and ½ cups of water in a spray bottle and sprinkle it on the stains in the same way you did before and blot it using a fresh cloth. 
  • Step 4: In the next step, apply the vinegar solution. To make this solution, take an equal amount of vinegar and water and pour it little on stains. Later, wipe the solution again from the carpet using a different and new cloth.
  • Step 5: It is necessary to apply the detergent solution again after following the above steps. Make sure you are cleaning the entire solution present on the carpet using every time a fresh cloth. 
  • Step 6: Afterwards, all you have you to do is rinse your carpet using fresh and clear water. Do not drench your carpet completely and just dab the cloth properly. It is essential to clean the stained area adequately so that there is nothing left behind. 
  • Step 7: Once you are done with carpet cleaning, let it dry for some time so that there is no chance of mold growth in the particular area. The professionals advise using the carpet once it is completely dried and free from stains. 

Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners

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