How To Maintain Your Carpet

Carpet requires special care as it has to bear a high-foot traffic area in your home. A clean and good shaped carpet will enhance the appearance of your apartment. To maintain carpet goodness, you have to take care of it with usual maintenance. Because of its regular use, it gets dirty and messy. If you keep your carpet dirty, it means you are inviting the germs and bacteria in your home.

So, always go for carpet cleaning. When your carpet gets stains, act quickly to remove the stain with professional carpet stain removal methods or DIY stain removers. Here are 5 proven ways of how to maintain your carpet appearance. So, keep patience and read carefully to know how to maintain the carpet.

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Best Ways To Maintain The Carpet

Use carpet Scotchguard protector

Apply the carpet Scotchgard protector to avoid the unnecessary stains. You can easily buy this product from your nearest store. Spread carpet Scotchguard protector over your rug completely so that you prevent unusual stains from getting onto the carpet surface. You can use it after availing of a professional carpet cleaning service. You need to re-apply carpet protectors regularly to keep it stain-resistant for a longer time.

Clean your feet when you enter your home

If you want to keep your carpet clean for a long time, wash your feet before entering your house. This will reduce the amount of dirt and mud on your carpet. And, always try to encourage your family members and guests to do the same. In high foot traffic, if you have to deal with muddy carpet, call the professionals for carpet mud removal and cleaning services.

Vacuum your carpet regularly

You should vacuum your carpet for keeping it dust-free. Vacuuming helps in removing all the dirt particles along with the pet hairs. You need to vacuum the carpet at least twice a week to save it from the dirt accumulation. Get a vacuum clear which runs well and suits your carpet fabric.

Place the doormats right in front of a carpet

Use doormats to reduce the amount of dust, dirt, and grime forming on the carpet. So, consider placing the doormat in the area where the carpet is being used too much.

Remove stains promptly

When you notice the stain on your carpet, remove it as much as possible to protect your carpet from unusual permanent marks. Use a damp clean cloth to blot up the stain and remove it with carpet stain removal products.

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