How to Get Wax Out from The Carpet?

A beautiful eve party brings lots of happiness. And, you enjoy it by lighting candles, playing songs and having yummy snacks. You invite friends and relatives and children may come and increase the number of your guests. Children love to play and it is possible that candle wax can fall on the carpet surface. You may be in stress and instantly imagine buying new carpet or hiring Carpet Cleaning Specialists. Well, there is no need to worry as you can absolutely clean the wax from your lovely carpet by following some easy steps. 

Wax Stain Removal Service
Wax Stain Removal Service

Five Easy Steps to Get Rid oF Wax Stains From The Carpet

  • Scrape Wax –

    First, you should eliminate the standing wax by scrapping it. A dull knife will be the best thing to scrape the wax from the carpet surface. Carefully scrape the wax affected area and try to remove hard or dried wax from the carpet surface. Put wax trash into the dustbin. Do not scrape harshly as it can damage the surface. If you are unable to remove the wax because of small damages on the carpet surface, repair them and then, get Professional carpet cleaning in Canberra
  • Vacuuming –

    Afterwards, vacuum the carpet and remove remaining wax pieces. Vacuuming will also remove small trash, dust and other contaminants around the carpet. You can also use a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis for keeping the carpet dust-free or germ-free.
  • Heating Treatment –

    You can use heating treatment to remove wax as it will completely remove the candle wax from your beloved carpet. Take a plain cloth or towel and cover the wax affected area with it. Set the iron on the lowest setting and run it over the cloth. Move iron in a circular motion and press cloth gently. This treatment will surely help you in transferring the wax into cloth. Repeat the process until the wax is completely removed. To complete Carpet Wax Removal procedure, it is recommended to take only white and plain cloth.
  • Cleaning –

    After removing wax from the carpet surface, you should clean the carpet with homemade cleaning agents. To make an effective cleaning solution, use a half cup of vinegar, 2 small spoons of liquid dish soap and 4 cups of water. Put these all items into a spray bottle and shake well to prepare the mixture. Apply this solution over the wax affected area and allow this mixture to work properly. After half an hour, rinse the carpet or wipe it with the wet cloth. 
  • Drying Treatment –

    After cleaning the mess of wax, don’t forget to dry the carpet. To completely dry the carpet, you can use fans with high-speed. It is very important to dry the carpet surface because wet carpet padding can lead to mould or can cause further damages. If you don’t want to do it by yourself, you can hire professionals for Professional Carpet Wax Stain Removal. 
Wax Stains From The Carpet
Wax Stains From The Carpet

Get Rid of Wax from The Carpet With Professional Help

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