Carpet Dry Cleaning : Everything You Need to Know!!!

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Carpets receive the maximum foot traffic, especially on commercial premises. Many brands and manufacturers prefer dry cleaning because it is the most user-friendly and easiest method of deep cleaning. Other water-based or solvent-based DIYs have a risk of potential damage due to oversaturation and dampness, but dry cleaning is a safe method. Please read this article to learn more about different carpet dry cleaning methods and their applications and alternatives.  


Why Should You Choose Carpet Dry Cleaning Method?   

You have plenty of choices in home remedies. All of them have advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we are talking about dry cleaning. You have to buy a dry cleaning solution from the market and apply it as directed on the package. You should choose dry cleaning over any other method for the following reasons.


  • It goes deep into the fabric and cleans it properly.   
  • It does not lead to dampness or discoloration.   
  • You do not have to prepare any paste using home ingredients and water.  
  • This cleaning solution dries very quickly.  
  • You can apply this method on any surface.  


This method does not need much experience, expertise, and knowledge.  

However, a dry cleaning solution is applicable for minor damages. If you face major issues, you should consult with a reputed carpet dry cleaning firm in Australia because they have advanced tools and certified chemicals to restore the carpets to their original state.  

Let’s look at some popular dry cleaning methods.  


1. Different Dry Cleaning Methods 

There are different types of dry cleaning methods, and you have to choose the best one based on your requirements. You can use vacuum cleaners, iron machines, refresher sprays, microfibre cloth, and many other tools and ingredients for this method. Many clients prefer DIY methods because they can conduct it from the comfort of their home, and they do not have to spend service charges for a professional. 

However, they do not know that regular dry cleaning solutions cannot provide an outcome like professional carpet dry cleaning with Cleapsleep. They are well trained and certified to conduct the task in your locality with certified chemicals and equipment. If you have not hired an expert for carpet cleaning, we will encourage you to please consult with an expert to learn what he can do for you.   


2. Use a Refresher Spray

Refresher spray is a liquid, but it dries quickly, so it comes under a dry cleaning solution. You have to buy a carpet refresher spray from the market and apply it to stains and dark spots.   

However, you have to conduct a pretest before applying it to the exposed area. It helps to avoid unintentional damage such as discoloration or fading.   

It helps to remove foul smells and dark spots. You can also apply baking soda to the affected area as an alternative to this refresher spray.  


3. Microfibre Cloth  

Microfiber cloth or white paper towel is an essential part of home remedies. You can soak a dry microfibre cloth in an isopropyl liquid or water-based solution. After that, rub it gently on the affected area. However, it is not very effective against stubborn stains like blood, wine, or ketchup. You can apply it to minor damages to remove dust, dirt, and microparticles. It is also effective against mold growth.  


4. Regular Hair Dryer    

It is also effective to remove dampness and mold growth. It also works as a mini vacuum machine to remove dust particles. However, you should not hold the nozzle too long in a particular area. Otherwise, the warm air may lead to discoloration of the carpet.  


5. Iron Machine  

You can use an iron machine to remove ink and chewing-gum stains. It also removes excess moisture from the area. However, you should be careful while conducting the process because it may lead to fading or discoloration.  


6. UV Rays    

You can keep the carpets in the sunlight to remove dampness and mold. However, you need to be careful because UV rays may deteriorate the fabric items. It is true that sunlight refreshes the fabric, but you should not keep fabric items under direct sunlight for a long time.    


7. Vacuum Cleaner    

If you have a carpeted floor at your residential or commercial premises, you should invest in a high-quality vacuum cleaner that comes with a HEPA filter. Vacuum all the furniture and carpets daily to remove dust particles and germs. It is a popular dry cleaning method.   


8. Expert Carpet Dry Cleaning Process   

Professionals follow a step-by-step process to dry clean carpets in residential and commercial premises. A reputed carpet dry cleaning firm in Australia does not use market chemicals. Instead, they use dry cleaning solutions using certified chemicals. It starts with:  

  • Inspection  

After a confirmed booking, experts visit your location within a few hours. They inspect the area and assess the condition of the carpets. They assess the texture, material, color, and severity of the damage before deciding on a quote and time estimation for the client. After that, if you want to hire their service, they follow the next steps.  

  • Preparation

Now they will arrange the required equipment and certified chemicals to start the dry cleaning process. They will move furniture and other items on the floor to target the damaged area properly. After preparing a suitable dry cleaning solution, they conduct the process.  

  • Application  

Now they use advanced tools to inject the dry cleaning liquid into the lower level of fabric so that it kills germs and removes dust easily. There are different types of dry cleaning solutions. Experts will choose the best one depending on their assessment of the initial stage.  

After application, they dry the area using fans and blowers. However, in most cases, they prefer air drying in a well-ventilated room. They also sanitize and deodorize the area before starting their monitoring process.  

  • Monitoring  

Generally, senior experts of that team monitor the area to check the service quality. If they are satisfied, they consult with the client and resolve their queries regarding carpet maintenance. After that, they hand over the property to the client and provide a service report.  

Dry cleaning does not take more than a few hours. In severe cases, experts suggest advanced cleaning techniques that may take up to one week to restore the area completely.  


Alternatives to Carpet Dry Cleaning Methods  

There are some DIY alternatives to dry cleaning methods. In minor cases, you can apply dry cleaning liquid as a primary solution, but if it does not work, you should apply the following home-based remedies. On the other hand, in severe cases, you should consult with an expert for advanced cleaning services. Some of the alternatives are:  

1. Baking Soda  

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is a powerful ingredient to remove mold growth, dampness, and foul smell. Do not confuse it with baking powder! Baking powder is a different ingredient that has an acidic substance, not suitable for carpet cleaning. Here we are going to tell you two different ways of cleaning your carpet with baking soda.  

2. Baking Soda against Foul Smell  

You do not have to prepare a paste to eliminate foul smells from your lounge. Sprinkle the baking soda on the affected area. On the very next day, you will find there is no foul smell in the room. Sodium bicarbonate kills germs and eliminates the bad smell.   

3. Baking Soda against Stains  

You can prepare a paste to remove oil and grease stains on the carpets. It can also remove ketchup, coffee, wine, and some other stubborn stains from the carpets. You have to prepare a paste using two spoons of baking soda and water. Apply it with a microfiber cloth. Do not forget to vacuum the area before this application. Let it stay for a few hours. After that, vacuum again to remove the powder dust.  

You have to apply it a few times to get the desired result, but if you are not satisfied, please consult with an expert for advanced treatment.  

4. White Vinegar  

The application is very similar to baking soda. You have to prepare a paste using water and white vinegar. After that, apply it using a paper towel and wait for a few hours. You can apply white vinegar with or without baking soda.  

5. Lemon Juice  

Lemon juice has an acidic substance to kill germs without deteriorating the quality of your carpets. You can prepare a water-based solution using lemon juice. Use a white paper towel and rub it on the carpet. It is highly effective against foul smells and stains.  

6. Steam Cleaning  

Steam cleaning is also a popular home remedy. However, you should not compare it with hot water extraction (HWE). There are different machines for HWE and steam cleaning. If you want to buy a steam cleaning machine, please check the specification because many marketers promote HWE machines as steam cleaners.  

Steam cleaning uses hot water vapor, whereas hot water extraction uses direct hot water on the carpets. You can buy a steaming machine and apply this method at your home. However, you should remember the following things to avoid a mess.  

  • Check the water reservoir of the machine.  
  • You have to set an appropriate temperature for steaming.   
  • Do not hold the nozzle in a particular area too long.   

If you think the process is too complex, you should consult with an expert. They have years of practice, training, and knowledge to set appropriate temperatures for different carpets. Steam cleaning is effective against foul smells, mold growth, dampness, and stains.  


Difference between Dry Cleaning and DIY Methods  

Many customers think dry cleaning is a home-based method, but the conception is wrong because many reputed carpet dry cleaning firms in Australia offer this service, which ensures better cleaning. If you are wondering, what is the best home-based remedy? Then this comparison table will help you to make a decision.   


Dry Cleaning   DIY Cleaning Methods 
Dry cleaning is a user-friendly remedy.    You need to check the fabric before applying a suitable cleaning liquid. 
It does not need many tools and ingredients.   You need some tools and ingredients to conduct the process.  
You can buy the cleaning solution from the market.   You cannot buy a ready-made paste for DIY cleaning.  
Professionals offer dry cleaning services.   Professionals do not offer DIY cleaning services.   
It dries quickly.   It takes time to dry the area.   
Very less chance of damage.  Wrong use may damage the fabrics, leading to discoloration and dampness.    


Find the Best Carpet Dry Cleaning with Cleapsleep 

Still, if you are confused, then we will encourage you to conduct a home-based dry cleaning method. Still, if you face issues, please consult with one of our experts. A specialist team will visit your location and assess the condition of the carpets. After that, they will offer the most affordable and suitable remedy for you.  

If you are interested, please feel free to call us directly. We are a reputed carpet dry cleaning firm in Australia. We are open 24/7 to offer the same-day service in your locality. Do you want to know more about our carpet cleaning services? Our experts will describe the process and provide a specific remedy to make your carpets long-lasting and durable. Our experts will reach your location within one hour of express booking. Call us now.