Carpet Cleaning Without Washing That Works The Best

Carpet is one of the most important pieces in the house and it can not be considered a piece of luxury, but rather, it is  a basic piece inside the house. The carpet in the house is the most beautiful way to decorate the rooms, offices, halls and salons, as it gives the rooms a beautiful appearance and it adds to the furniture another elegance, which helps to give out the feeling of warmth while inside the room, especially during the winter period.

Carpet Cleaning Without Washing
Carpet Cleaning Without Washing

Difficulty Washing The Carpets?

Despite the aestheticity of carpeting and the sense of intimacy and tranquility, carpet sanitizing and cleaning is a rather difficult and demanding task to do at home. This is because it takes a lot of time to carry carpets and put them in a clean place as well as to carry them to a well ventilated place, where they are cleaned twice a year. To maintain the texture from being damaged, there are plenty of ways to clean the carpet without washing it or doing the carpet steam cleaning as well as save a lot of time and to do it without putting in much effort. 

Methods of Carpet Cleaning Without Washing 

  • Sweep the carpet daily by vacuum cleaner, and you can put any kind of aromatic substance inside the broom bag to give it a beautiful smell.
  • Regular stains are cleaned by placing materials for carpet cleaning. This is optimal for good tips to keep your carpet look fresh and new.
  • Do not use other materials such as chlorine, rub it gently and dry with a dry cloth.
  • Do not use the brush as it will damage the fabric over time.
  • Remove the spot as it happens because leaving it with time makes cleaning harder.
  • Prepare a solution made of salt, water and vinegar and put it in a spray and use it when light spots appear, then wipe the spot with a piece of cotton cloth.
  • Carpets should be exposed to ventilation in ventilated areas from time to time. It is equally advisable by carpet cleaning in Canberra to dust them each time you expose them to ventilation. 
Carpet Cleaning Service
Carpet Cleaning Service

Clean Carpet Without Washing by Spot T ype

  • For Urine Stains: –

    Add a little soap, water and aromatherapy, which are placed in the spot. Then the place is rubbed in a light way for more than one time in order to get rid of the impurity.
  • The Ink Spots or Stains: –

    Put the salt on the ink spot and let the salt absorb it. After then, the area is technicized. But if traces remain for the spot, rub the area with lemon and then dry it.
  • Fat Spots: –

    To remove stains done on the carpets by fat, salt is mixed with alcohol and the carpet is cleaned out by rubbing.
  • Tea and Coffee Stains: –

    Put a little vinegar in the water on a small soft cloth, and the spot is pressed without rubbing, because rubbing spreads the spot on a larger area and then it becomes difficult to clean.
  • Cakes of Frankincense: –

    The best way to get rid of the effects of frankincense is to put a piece of snow on the spot to become hard and then removed easily, and the wax is eliminated in the same way. 


When you apply these techniques, it is important to follow the outlined instruction as stated here by the professional Clean Sleep religiously to achieve maximum results. Failure to do this may result in unwanted reactions, causing pains.