Beautiful, Yet Poisonous Stingers – Wasps

Butterflies are beautiful insects and they are harmless too. But all the beautiful things are not harmless in the world. Wasps are beautiful, yet poisonous stingers. These insects have wings, stingers, and a well-shaped ant-like body. Some wasps have a very minute hair-like structure over their heads that give a look as fur cover.

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Honey bees are useful insects. In fact, we extract the hard work of those honey bees. Because bees fly in search of nectar; collect it and save in a hive. We people just drive out those bees and plunder the hive. Though honey bees are useful insects, they are still dangerous to the people. Let’s know more about beautiful, yet poisonous stingers- wasps.

Why Wasps have Stingers?

The insects belong to the wasp family and are blessed with some venom in their own body; especially in the stingers. These insects sting other creatures when they feel that they are in danger or scared or irritated or annoyed.

During stinging, a little amount of venom from the stingers come out and enters into the body that the insect stings. The venom is powerful to give pain; sometimes unbearable pain. When pain occurs, the opponent will loosen its hold. Using the loosen grip these insects escape from their enemies. The stingers and the venom present in any wasp or their family member is only for their defense. We should be aware of these beautiful, yet poisonous stingers- wasps.

Some Beautiful Wasps

There are incredibly beautiful, yet poisonous stingers- wasps found on the Earth. Let’s know one by one.

  • Cuckoo wasps rank first in the list. They are wonderfully colored and surprise everyone when we look at it. The female cuckoo wasp stings a cockroach twice and makes it paralyzed. The paralyzing is only for the reproduction process. The cuckoo wasp is different from other wasps. It uses cockroaches to lay eggs on them and feed its larva. After all the reproduction process, new cuckoo wasps emerge from the cockroach that was stung before by the mother cuckoo wasp. But if you come across this beautiful wasp, never miss to enjoy the colorful creature; but stay away from it.
  • Honey bees make a sweet buzzing sound and the outer surface gives a soft fur like appearance. It looks beautiful but stings.
  • Wasps like paper wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets are very active and look good in shape; they have wings like angels. But they are not as good as angels. They never do good when you stand before it.
Expert Wasps Control Services
Expert Wasps Control Services

How to Get Rid Of The Dangerous Wasps?

  • The wasps sting only when they are scared or in a life-threatening situation.
  • Use insecticides with precaution methods to clear the wasp nests.
  • Just closing the entrance of the wasp nests is not enough. It should be completely rooted out to safeguard yourself and your children.
  • Use wasp deterrents to ride them away from your residence.
  • Simply call wasp removing professionals; they do the job very carefully.

How Can We Assist You?

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