7 DIY Homemade Carpet Shampooing Methods

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet receives maximum foot traffic, especially in commercial and residential premises. Professional carpet shampooing services restore the quality of the carpets. However, can you do it on your own? Yes, it is possible to use DIYs for carpet cleaning and maintenance. In this article, we are going to tell you seven DIY methods which make your carpets durable and stain-resistant. However, it is also important to schedule a professional deep cleaning service occasionally.  

carpet shampooing

How to Shampoo Your Carpet Using DIY Solutions? 

Preparing a homemade solution is an easy and affordable alternative to commercial carpet cleaners. Here we are going to tell you unique DIY cleaning suggestions to get rid of germs and carpet stains.   


Homemade Synthetic Carpet Cleaner  

Synthetic is a human-made fiber that is known for its durability. It is an easy to maintain and affordable item. You can apply vinegar and water solution for cleaning.    

Mix white vinegar and water in a bucket. Add it to the carpet cleaning machine and conduct the process as directed by the manufacturer. Please do not oversaturate the area with water.   


DIY Solution for Light Colour Carpets  

For light-colored carpets, you have to use hydrogen peroxide as the base ingredient because it is highly effective against stubborn stains with whitening power. You should not use it in dark-colored carpets because it will discolor and leave a white spot on the item. Please conduct a spot test before applying it to the affected area.  


Mix dishwasher, hydrogen peroxide, essential oil, and hot water in a bowl. Add it to the carpet cleaning machine and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to conduct the process.  


Please make sure the fabric material is suitable for water-based cleaning. If you find the process complex or do not want to take the risk with light-colored carpets, you can consult with an expert for advanced carpet shampooing services, which ensures a better cleaning experience.  


Homemade Carpet Shampooing with Steaming Machine 

Steam cleaning and hot water extraction are popular methods of carpet cleaning. Many people do not know the difference between the two methods. Steam cleaning uses hot water vapor, whereas HWE uses direct hot water on the surface.  

If you have a high-quality streaming machine, you can add two tablespoons of ammonia, one tablespoon of dish soap and two cups of alcohol to the water reservoir. Add water into the reservoir and start the cleaning process. It is a better DIY method if compared to other organic cleaning solutions.    


Use DIY Carpet Shampooing Spray  

The carpet cleaning spray is an effective ingredient against stains and germs. Add water and vinegar to a spray bottle. You can add salt and essential oil to give it a flavor. After that, shake it thoroughly before use. Please vacuum the carpets before applying this DIY spray. It is a simple carpet cleaning remedy, but do not overuse the spray. Wait for a few hours to dry the carpets, and use fans and blowers to accelerate the drying process.   


Homemade Citrus-enzyme Cleaner  

Many experts suggest using enzyme-based stain removal solutions. However, it needs patience and effort, so many clients may not like it. You can prepare a citrus enzyme-based solution using brown sugar, lemon and orange peels, and water. Keep it away from the reach of the children and wait for three months; after that, pour it into a spray bottle.    

Now shake the container thoroughly before applying the solution. Please conduct a spot test to check its effectiveness. Wait for a few hours to dry the carpets before using them again.   


Remove Odour Using Baking Soda  

If you have furry friends, then you may face foul smells in your lounge. Do you want an affordable way of removing such smells? You can use baking soda because sodium bicarbonate is a powerful stain remover.  


Sprinkle the baking soda on the affected area and wait for a few hours. On the next day, you will find no foul smell in the room. After that, deodorize the area before using the carpets again.   


You can also prepare a spray using white vinegar, baking soda, and water. Apply it against foul smells and mold growth. The main reasons for foul smells are lack of ventilation, dampness, moisture, and mold growth. This spray is the best solution for all these issues. You may not get the desired result after the first application; you have to apply it several times and blot the area with a microfibre cloth, but do not oversaturate the area with the spray.   


Hydrogen Peroxide to Remove Urine Stains  

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda are powerful components to remove urine stains. It kills germs and eliminates odor from damp carpets. However, you have to vacuum the area properly using fans and blowers. Otherwise, it may lead to mold growth even after applying this DIY solution. Use a soft brush to rub the mixture on the carpets for 15 minutes and vacuum again to remove the dirt.   


In this article, we have talked about different methods of carpet shampooing, but please remember that all these are DIYs and may not be suitable for all fabrics. If you want to make your carpets long-lasting, stain-free and durable, please feel free to book an appointment for our advanced carpet shampooing services. All our professionals are IICRC certified and well trained to find the best solution for your lounge. We are open 24/7. You will get an appointment if you inquire.