5 Reasons For Cleaning Upholstery Periodically

You have a set of memories on it, you took naps after a busy day, read your favourite novel and had friends for sleepovers who slept on it. Whom are you referring it to? Your furniture, to be more particular. Because you use furniture so much and your life revolves around it, periodic upholstery cleaning is as important as regular mopping and dusting. Yes, it’s correct: your chairs, couches, sectionals, and anything that involves fabric need to be deep cleaned periodically. To make it more clear, let’s discuss why it is important to do timely upholstery cleaning.

Periodic Upholstery Cleaning

Top 5 Important Reasons For Periodic Upholstery Cleaning

Improved Air Quality

Each time you lie, sit or move around your fabric furniture, you’re unintentionally releasing dust, grime, spores, dead skin and allergens into the air of your place. Although indoor plants help in filtering the air partially, with deep upholstery cleaning the allergies and dust will go away from the scratch.

Better Health

Are you aware that dust mites, allergens, bacteria and moulds can get soaked deep into your upholstery? And ignored for too long can cause a variety of illnesses and allergies. Also, if you have sensitive toddlers and elderlies at home then there is a strong risk of the impact. Therefore, it is suggested to go for periodic upholstery cleaning which drastically lowers the availability of these irritants, and of course, helps in having a healthy family and clean home.

Eliminates Odours

The family sofa or couch is a place where a lot of life happens. You have watched movies, hundreds of comedy shows, cartoons and countless family dinners on it. Clearly, a lot of life happens on furniture. Leftover foods, coffee spills, pets pee, and cooking odours rest on upholstery for a long which can create unpleasant odours. Deep upholstery cleaning helps to eliminate odours by clearing the source.

Adds Life To Your Furniture

Furniture is your lifelong investment, and most times an expensive one. From regular wear and tear, or spilled wine, grease, and body oil, performing timely upholstery cleaning can add a new life to your investments.


The stains that you’ve tired of covering up with a pillow or blanket, and when the guests come over you feel ashamed? Yes, we all feel the same. You use upholstery furniture in daily life that causes frequent wear and tears and looks old and faded. No matter how clean your house is, if upholstery on sofas looks dirty, the remaining house will not feel clean. To clean and remove stain from upholstery, you should go for professional upholstery cleaning twice a year.

Are You Looking For Upholstery Cleaning Professionals?

In case you are fed up with your dirty upholstery and are wanting to replace furniture, but your budget is not allowing you to spend more. Then, we suggest you hire our professional upholstery cleaning experts who charge affordable prices for upholstery cleaning. At Clean Sleep we use a hot water extraction process to deep clean your upholstery, helping it to look brand new and last longer. As always, we do not recommend home cleaning methods for upholstery because every fabric varies and it requires special inspection and method for cleaning.